How Non-contact Measurement is Supporting Growth in Consumer Electronics

non-contact measurement for optical metrology

Current landscape and challenges around optical manufacturing quality

For manufacturers of today’s ubiquitous consumer electronics devices, having the utmost confidence, precision, and speed of metrology is critical. With components such as lenses, optical sensors, and camera modules having a strong influence on the completed device, manufacturers place importance on ensuring productions are of outstanding quality to stand out in a competitive industry and achieving high yields in high volume production.

The wide variety of materials and design complexity that come with producing these products make key quality assurance a challenge. This is where non-contact metrology comes into play to overcome these challenges.

Applications of non-contact measurement for optical metrology in consumer electronics

Consumer electronics manufacturers achieve milestones and breakthroughs with their production of consumer electronics in large part thanks to advances in in measurement technology. Modern, versatile, precise, and innovative non-contact optical metrology systems provide critical insight and quality control throughout the entire process, from advanced research through volume production.

Optical non-contact profilers such as Zygo’s ZeGage® Pro, NewView® 9000, Nexview®, NX2, and Compass® 2 systems  measure 3D height variations on surfaces with astounding accuracy. These optical profilers do this through a technique called Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) that compares light reflected from the part to a perfectly flat reference. This enables quick and easy measurements of topography with sub-nanometer precision in just seconds per measurement, over millions of data points.

How Non-contact Measurement is Supporting Growth in Consumer Electronics
How Non-contact Measurement is Supporting Growth in Consumer Electronics

Finding the right solution for your metrology need

Zygo optical profilers provide produce clear, 3D visualization of form, texture, surface feature dimensions across the full aperture of the optical surface – a necessity for confident metrology in production environments rapidly evolving towards Industry 4.0 standards.

ZeGage, NewView, and Nexview profilers are ideal for surface structure analysis across a variety of materials found in consumer electronic devices. Zygo’s Compass 2 platform is an advanced multi-axis, full 3D measurement system designed for small aspheric and freeform lenses and molds for compact camera modules and the latest AR/VR/MR headsets. Zygo’s Compass instrument identifies deviation from design and process asymmetries, as well as manufacturing errors that inform process optimization for diamond turning machines. Compass measurements also link surface form to assembly and alignment fiducials that are essential to the proper function of final products. Contact us here, to explore which non-contact measurement instrument is the best fit for you.

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