Custom laser solutions for industrial process optimization and advanced research. Lasers are technological devices that generate and amplify coherent and focused light based on the process of stimulated emission. There are a variety of types of lasers: diode lasers, gas lasers, solid state lasers, fibre lasers, ultraviolet lasers, infrared lasers and many others, each with its own specific characteristics and applications.

Lasers are used in a wide range of applications and industries due to their ability to produce coherent, high-intensity light. Here are some of the most common applications and industries using lasers:
Materials Processing, Medical, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Spectroscopy, Scientific Research

In summary, lasers are important optical devices with a wide range of applications. The right choice of laser can help to improve the efficiency and quality of industrial processes, to treat and diagnose diseases in medicine, and to obtain accurate and reproducible results in science and information technology.

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