Machines For Cold Forming Of Sheet Metal And Profiles

Advanced solutions for forming and finishing metal parts in industrial production processes. Discover our range of cold forming machines for sheets and profiles, high performance equipment used in the metalworking industry. These machines use advanced cold forming techniques to create complex and precise shapes without the use of heat or thermal forming processes.

With our cold forming machines, you can produce metal parts with custom geometries and superior quality, tailored to your industrial needs. Whether you need precise bends, grooves, complex profiles or other specific shapes, our machines are designed to deliver high-precision results and impeccable finish.
The benefits of using our cold forming machines for sheets and profiles are many. These include increased efficiency and productivity, thanks to fast and accurate forming processes. They also provide flexibility and adaptability, being able to work with different types of materials and thicknesses, thus offering customised solutions for each project.

Quality and precision are our priority. By using advanced technology and high-performance control systems, we ensure that the parts we produce have tight tolerances and superior finishes. Our machines also reduce the risk of material deformation and damage, while preserving the original properties of the material.
The applications of cold forming machines for sheets and profiles are varied and include:
Automotive industry: The use of cold forming machines for sheets and profiles in the automotive industry allows the production of components such as bodies, chassis, supports and other elements with complex shapes and increased strength.
Aerospace industry: These machines are used for the production of aerostructural parts and aeronautical components, providing strength and precision in accordance with strict industry standards.
Industrial equipment industry: Cold forming machines are used in the manufacture of industrial equipment such as processing machines, transport equipment and storage systems, ensuring durability and quality in use.

Construction industry: Applications in the construction industry include the production of structural and finishing elements such as profiles for facades, railings, gratings and other architectural elements.

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