Light sources

Your source of inspiration: Choose our light sources for creative projects and advanced technologies. Light sources are key components in scientific research and various industrial applications. They are used to generate the light needed in various experiments, analyses and applications, and are available in a wide range of types and specifications.

Tunable deuterium and tungsten-halogen sources are some of the most widely used light sources in scientific research and industry. They are capable of generating high quality light over a wide wavelength range and are very flexible in terms of parameter adjustment.
DeltaDiode light sources are especially used in experiments requiring very short and powerful energy pulses, such as time-resolved spectroscopy.

UV Plasma sources are used in material analysis and characterisation, in particular to produce high energy UV plasma emissions that can be used to analyse surfaces and layers of materials. VUV fluorescent light sources are mainly used in UV spectroscopy, while DeltaRAM X-ray sources are used for spectroscopic analysis of materials, especially to identify organic or inorganic compounds.

Finally, scopelites are light sources used in microscopy and imaging applications, capable of producing the light needed to illuminate test samples and record images. All these light sources play a crucial role in research and various industrial applications, providing the light needed to obtain accurate data and quality visual recordings.

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