Microscopy and accessories

Explore the realm of microscopy: Choose from a variety of specialised microscopes and accessories. Microscopy is an important branch of science that involves the use of optical instruments to visualise objects at a small scale, down to the molecular level. In microscopy there are various technologies and instruments used in research and industry to observe and analyse samples at the small scale.

These include:

Atomic force microscopy (AFM): a technology that uses a small probe to examine surfaces at the atomic scale. This type of microscopy is useful in material research and surface characterisation.

Confocal microscopy: a technology that uses a beam of light to illuminate and excite samples, and then collects light emitted from the samples in a focal plane to create high-resolution, three-dimensional images. This type of microscopy is used in biology, medical research and other fields that require high-resolution image analysis.

Super-resolution STED microscopy: a technology that uses a high-intensity light beam to reduce the size of light spots and obtain high-resolution images at the nanoscale. This type of microscopy is used in biological and medical research.

Microscopes: optical instruments that allow objects to be observed at a small scale. There are a variety of types of microscopes, including optical, electron and laser microscopes. These instruments are used in various fields such as biology, medicine, engineering and manufacturing.

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