Metal Former from ECKOLD: A Basic Understanding of the Cold Forming Process

Metal Former from ECKOLD: A Basic Understanding of the Cold Forming Process

A wide variety of metal materials are being utilised by different industries given the benefits they offer. Compared to other materials, metals are known for their excellent heat resistance, making them suitable for various fabrication processes and extreme applications. They also have enhanced strength, which allows them to sustain their properties for a long time. Their versatility likewise makes it possible for them to be shaped and formed into different parts and components. Tons of processes can be maximised in creating metal parts and components.

One of these processes is cold forming. Cold forming has been utilised by industries thanks to its great working principles.

The Working Principles of Cold Forming

Cold forming, which is also known as cold roll forming, is a forging process that shapes metal materials at room temperature. This specific process is done at high speeds, allowing industries to manufacture huge amounts of metal parts and components without compromising consistency and efficiency. Cold forming is likewise utilised by manufacturers since its products can retain their tensile strength. In some cases, this process can even improve the tensile strength and surface finish of the metal products.

Conducting this specific process can be typically done in two ways. One way to practice cold forming is through stamping. Stamping entails the placement of a piece of metal between two dies that are located in special machines. The metal will then be pressed by the dies until it acquires the intended shape. Most machines can hit the dies for multiple strikes per minute, allowing them to generate a large volume of products needed by different industries.

Another way of cold forming metal materials is through hydroforming. This method is slower since it only maximises one die tool. The die during this type of cold forming is pressed by a rubber diaphragm and a wear pad. The fluid pressure is then maximised to form the needed metal parts.

Metal Former from ECKOLD
Metal Former from ECKOLD

Cold Forming with EKCOLD Kraftformer

The introduction of the EKCOLD Kraftformer product line to the market allows manufacturers to form metal parts and components swiftly and conveniently. This product line boasts a refined design and comprehensive tool options so that its products can carry out various metal forming options. ECKOLD Kraftformer is likewise made to be durable, ensuring that it can last for a very long time.

With the help of ECKOLD Kraftformer products, metal sheets that undergo cold forming can be processed to obtain more intricate details and finishes. The overall structure of the metal workpieces is compressed rather than removed, which makes sure that they obtain excellent tensile strength. These products can then allow companies to maximise the usage of material and reduce waste.

Metal Former from ECKOLD

Some industries that can maximise the benefits of ECKOLD Kraftformer products include automotive, aviation, construction, marine, military, and transportation.

ECKOLD forming technology comes into play where sheet metal needs to be shaped and profiles must be bent. It is also widely used for the production of new parts and for precision reworking and repairs. All machines are based on chipless cold-forming precision machining. Thanks to their innovative design universal forming machines from ECKOLD set new standards.

With stationary machines, the workpiece is fed through the machine. With portable devices, most of which are hydraulically driven, the machine is moved along the workpiece. Both models cater for a broad range of tasks.

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